On cruise ships, passenger ferries and other commercial marine vessels, feeling comfortable is one of the most important factors for the ship’s crew in order for them to carry out their work efficiently and effectively. Similarly, the comfort and wellbeing of passengers on a ferry or cruise liner can be improved by choosing the most appropriate lighting solutions.


Comfort and wellbeing

The comfort and wellbeing of crew and passengers can be improved by installing appropriate modern LED lighting solutions in their cabins and other accommodation areas. This also includes, for example, night-lights for totally enclosed cabins, vibration-free luminaires and lamps with reduced glare light output. To ensure safety onboard, the crew must be able to locate emergency exits quickly throughout the entire ship, even in complete darkness.

Important factors to consider when selecting lighting solutions for cabins:

  • Design, functionality and comfort.
  • Mechanical design.
  • Low or zero maintenance and high energy efficiency.



Function and comfort

The bathroom on a commercial ship should combine functionality and comfort in one package. Not only should the crew and passengers feel comfortable in the bathroom, it is also important to ensure the high quality and water-resistance of the bathroom light fixtures and fittings.



Long life continuous operation

When selecting lighting for ship corridors, one of the most important factors is that the lighting solution provides 24-hour, continuous runtime. The lighting must operate reliably at all times in seldom daylight conditions. 24-hour operation calls for long life light fixtures, low power consumption and low or zero maintenance.

The function of corridors is not only to provide connections between rooms and different areas of a ship, but to also serve as main escape routes in the event of an emergency. The lighting should therefore guide the crew out of danger and into safety by using appropriate escape signs.

The design of corridor lights is important and should harmonize with the overall interior design of other rooms and areas of the ship.


Social Area / Mess and Lounge

Functional but relaxing

On a commercial ship, social areas such as the mess and lounge should provide a combination of comfort and functionality. For a harmonized style in these areas, the luminaires should match the overall interior design of the ship, including both ceiling and wall mounted luminaires. A suitable Kelvin factor for lighting ensures a good balance between the light output and comfort for human eyes. Flexible light distribution can be provided using adjustable technology combined with dimming functions such as analogue, Dali or phase-cut. This results in a functional and relaxing atmosphere. The color-rendering index (CRI) factor should be above 80. The lighting illumination level should be around 300 lux in order to provide good quality light. It is also important to prevent glare issues to ensure a comfortable environment for the crew and passengers. We can help you minimise glare by providing our lights with features such as trim rings, décors, diffusers and unique reflector designs. Lighting designs can be optimized by using light calculation programs such as OptiWin and by using high quality luminaires that limit the effects of shadowing.