Conveying a sense of calmness

The Clinic for Radiooncology and Radiotherapy at Hanau Hospital has state-of-the-art equipment that enables reliable and targeted radiation treatment of tumours and affected tissue.


A therapy session lasts around 7-10 minutes, the pure exposure time is around 1-2 minutes. Despite the short duration, this medical treatment can cause stress and anxiety for patients. In order to minimise these and other psychological impacts, four SkyPanels from Glamox were installed in a square in each radiation room of the clinic as part of the renovation. The high-grade LED panels give the impression of bright daylight in the windowless rooms and thus promote the well-being of patients before, during and after the radiotherapy.


Hanau hospital 01.jpg


After extensive consultation with Glamox and the planning office Will, the hospital managers chose high-resolution motif layers with a 3D effect, which show a visually appealing daylight sky with protruding trees and also act as homogeneous general lighting in the room. The Human Centric Lighting Loop built into the luminaires mimics the light throughout the day and varies between cool (6500K) and warm (2700K) light depending on the time of day. With this tunable white technology, the panels create a realistic link to the outside world and support the circadian rhythm of patients and clinical staff. Different light scenes with illuminance levels of up to 1000 lux are also saved for different treatment steps, such as setting the beam.


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This means that the radiation equipment and other work areas are optimally illuminated at all times. If required, the IP55-certified panels can also be controlled manually via DALI. No additional lights are required. The SkyPanels were installed by Beckhoff-Elektro GmbH. Programming and commissioning were carried out by the specialists from Glamox GmbH in close cooperation with the employees at the hospital. This cooperation is to be expanded in the near future. Further lighting projects at Hanau Hospital are already in the starting blocks.


About Hanau Hospital

Hanau Hospital is publicly run by the city of Hanau and is an academic teaching hospital of the Goethe University Frankfurt with a certified training centre. In 30 highly specialised specialist departments, around 1,800 employees provide care for almost 100,000 patients every year in both outpatient and inpatient care. Hospital patients can rely on high quality and hygiene standards. The hospital delivers a high standard of diagnostics with a variety of accredited centres and focuses on the optimal treatment and care of patients.