Glamox SkyPanel

Glamox SkyPanel

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  • Top quality prints
  • Lots of combination possibilities
  • Tuneable white for daylight simulation


Glamox SkyPanel is a good way to increase the positive effects from daylight. The ligh is diffused through a glass cover with a high-quality printed film that makes the panel resemble a window with a beautiful summer sky. The sky panel is suitable for many different applications such as dentists, offices, schools or in the healthcare segment. It is designed mainly for recessed mounting or lay-in T-bar ceilings, but can be customized to suit most of the panels in the C95 family. Please contact us if you have any special requests. 

Tuneable White
Glamox SkyPanels can be equipped with a tuneable white solution that simulates  natural light from sunrise until sunset. The panels  can be manually dimmed or automatically controlled with an LMS system from Glamox. 

Variants & SkyPanel Guide
The SkyPanels comes in many different variants and can be combined in to many sizes as shown in the examples below. To easily find a suitable print and layout for your application, please check out the SkyPanel Guide under downloads.   

Technical specifications

  • Mounting

    1. Glamox SkyPanel is well suitable for all 15 and 24mm T-bar ceilings. For mounting in plasterboard ceilings a frame is available. See accessories for more information.
  • Body material and colour

    1. Body in white painted aluminum.
  • Optic

    1. Printed foil with clear polycarbonate optic
  • Light Source

    1. LED 1300 - 1500 lumen out Colour temperature 4000 K (actual kelvin is 1000-1500K higher due to print foil) Tuneable white (CCT) 2700-6500 K (actual kelvin is 1000-1500K higher due to print foil) CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3
  • Ballast

    1. DALI: Lifetime of the driver up to 100,000 h/10 % (max. failure) at 25°C Ta.
  • Accessories

    1. Frame for plasterboard ceilings. Recessed ceiling frame for t-bar ceilings.




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