A luminaire designed for lighting streets, bridges, pathways and parking facilities. A dual chamber die-cast aluminum housing. This product’s excellent thermal parameters have been achieved thanks to its special construction that physically separates the optical chamber from the chamber with the electrical equipment. The streamlined shape and the lack of an external heat sink prevent leaves and other debris from collecting on top of the luminaire. Tool-free access to the chamber with the electrical equipment using a clamp. The cover bracket prevents accidental closing of the geartray. Tool-free replacement of the power supply system is possible thanks to the use of a removable plastic panel. When the cover is opened, power is disconnected from the power supply system by a special disconnector, ensuring safe maintenance. The luminaire is equipped with a universal mounting bracket that makes it suitable for mounting directly on a pole or on an extension arm. The inclination angle can be adjusted within a range between -10° to +10°. The luminaire's construction limits the emission of light onto the upper half-space, eliminating light pollution in the night sky.

Technical specifications

  • Housing

    1. Dual chamber construction – the optics are thermally separated from the geartray

  • Closing of housing

    1. Tool-free access to the geartray with a clamp

  • Available variants

    1. 4DIM lighting control available (MainsDIM, AstroDIM, StepDIM, DALI)

  • Mounting

    1. A universal mounting bracket for mounting the luminaire directly on a pole or extension arm
  • Special features

    1. CLO operation possible – smooth energy consumption adjustment in order to maintain a constant light output

  • Extras

    1. Tool-free replacement of the power supply system is possible using a removable plastic mounting panel

  • Arm technology and movement

    1. Adjustable luminaire tilt angle from -10° to +10°

  • Cut out

    1. Power is disconnected from the luminaire when the cover is opened

  • Environmental specification

    1. No light pollution

  • Others

    1. A breather that regulates the pressure in the luminaire




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