Plug-in LED modules with 5 different light distribution variants, modules with GLOBAL lighting tracks that make it possible to install projectors and floodlights, and empty modules used in the LEDEX TOP 3 system allow for the flexible configuration of modern light lines with the best lighting parameters, including a very high luminous efficacy, in addition to quick and easy installation. Thanks to its versatility, the LEDEX TOP 3 system will be a great choice for shops, large area stores and retail facilities, warehouses or production plants.

Technical specifications

  • Modular construction

    1. This luminaire was designed for versatile configuration that is customized to suit the customer's needs thanks to the use of modules that can be plugged directly into the track lighting support rail
  • Available variants

    1. 3 types of plug-in modules available: an LED module, a module with a GLOBAL lighting track and an empty module
  • Electrical specification

    1. A support rail that is available in two lengths and equipped with a 5- or 7-core bus
  • Optics

    1. Plug-in LED modules with 5 light distribution types: narrow, wide, very wide, asymmetrical and double asymmetrical
  • Special features

    1. A module with a GLOBAL lighting track that makes it possible to easily plug in projectors
  • Mounting

    1. Quick and easy luminaire installation
  • Certificate

    1. Certificate of hygiene from the Polish National Institute of Public Health, HACCP certificate for use in food and beverage manufacturing facilities compliant with version 6 of the IFS standard and/or the BRC Global Food Safety standard
  • Ballast

    1. BLUETOOTH CASAMBI lighting control optionally available




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