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The Glamox A20 LED KIT offers a versatile retrofit solution designed specifically for the A20 series. When dealing with projects that feature aging fluorescent or obsolete LED luminaires within the A20 series, our A20 LED KIT presents an ideal solution. By seamlessly replacing the light source while retaining the existing outer housing, this option not only promotes sustainability by minimizing material waste but also represents an upgrade to contemporary, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

Please advice with your local sales contact for the most optimal retro-fit solution for your project. 

Technical specifications

  • Mounting

    1. A20 LED KIT is a retro-fit kit where the old flourescent light source is removed and changed to a LED light source insted. The body of the luminaire and cabling is kept as is and the diffuser can be replaced if it's old and/or dirty. Please read mounting instructions before assembly.

  • Light Source

    1. Lumen out values is calculated as total lumen output from the fixture. If the diffuser is old we recommend changing it to achieve higher efficiency.

      A20-S320: LED 1300 lumen out
      A20-S420: LED 3000 & 4000 lumen out
      A20-S620: LED 6500 lumen out
      A20-SQ300: LED 1500 & 2500 lumen out
      A20-SQ400: LED 2500 lumen out 
      Light source information:3000/4000 Kelvin, CRI 80, MacAdams 3.
      Lifetime LED:Up to 60.000h Ta25.
      For precise technical information please see the data sheet on item level. (Use on right side)

  • Integrated sensors

    1. This product can be fitted with a Microwave sensor type SMR-SEN with relay based ON/OFF switch or a Microwave sensor wired for Corridor function type SMC-SEN.For more information see user manual for the respective sensor under “Download”.

  • Connection

    1. 3 or 5 pole push-in terminal block prepared for through wiring.

  • Driver

    1. Electronic ballast (HF) or DALI.Driver life time up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C

  • Body material and colour

    1. A20 LED KIT is mounted in an A20 die-cast aluminium housing, painted in polyester powder paint in colour grey (RAL 9006). Opal satin acrylic diffuser.




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