An elegant all-rounder

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Functional and elegant

The Glamox C88-P is a compact pendant luminaire that offers exceptional lighting quality and superb glare protection. Its remarkably slim and elegant shape features an all-aluminium finish with attractive details – an accent groove, slightly rounded corners, and no visible screws. The product is powder-coated in three universal colours, making it the perfect addition to the interior design in various types of spaces. Uniform and energy-efficient light is important for achieving adequate visual comfort in any room. This is especially true in educational facilities and diverse working environments.

Long lines of uniform light

A homogenous luminance can be achieved in long light lines and a discreet bracket allows for the continuous mounting of the C88-P. This is especially advantageous in offices, where long lines of luminaires can be combined above the employees’ desks, or in conference rooms, creating uniform, exceptionally comfortable light for the best possible visual conditions.

The right light

Well-selected lighting is essential for reading and writing. It positively affects the ability to concentrate and improves your learning efficiency. It’s important to ensure the highest quality of the lighting in classrooms - it must absolutely be photobiologically safe for the students’ eyesight. The right lighting solutions help create the experience of comfortable, flexible and stimulating educational environments. The microprismatic, edge-lit optics have a large luminous surface that provides a uniform light output. This creates a soft, incredibly natural-looking illumination, especially in the Tunable Cyan-Enhanced (TCE) version makes it suitable for creating Human-Centric Lighting solutions, supporting the students’ and teachers’ circadian rhythms and boosting their energy levels.
It’s also cord switch-dimmable and has a high luminous efficacy of 140 lm/W. Improved sensor solutions and row mounting options add to this product’s energy efficiency as well as its functionality. 

Technical specifications

  • Mounting

    1. For pendant row mounting.
      START module includes: an endcap, a cable and a wire, a mechanical joiner, and an electrical connection. MID module includes: a mechanical joiner, a wire, and an electrical connection. END module includes: an endcap, a wire, a mechanical joiner, and an electrical connection. A special balancing mechanism is included. Easy height adjustment. Possible combinations: START + END or START + max 4 x MID + END.

  • Optics

    1. State-of-the-art edge-lit 5 layer microprismatic (MP) optics consisting of: 1. 2 mm PMMA microprism 2. Diffusing foil 3. LGP panel 4. Reflective foil 5. Tightening foam
  • Dimensions

    1. One standard dimension: 1500 mm
  • Light output

    1. 1500mm: 6000lm - 8000lm
  • Light distribution

    1. UP/DOWN: 40/60, 50/50
  • Light Source

    1. 830, 840, TCE 827-850, MacAdams 3, CRI90 on request
  • Integrated sensors

    1. Sensor version on request
  • Body material and colour

    1. Body and end-caps in three standard colours: grey, white or black. Extruded aluminium profile.
  • Lifetime

    1. L80B50 -100 000h

  • Certificate

    1. Possibility of delivering an Environmental product declaration (EPD)




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