Adapt-F 2 Desk Front

Adapt-F 2 Desk Front

A flexible family

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Adapt-F 2 Desk Front


Luxo Adapt is a family of freestanding luminaires that are flexible enough to cover every office plan. With Luxo quality and a clean Scandinavian design, you can be confident that an Adapt product will complement any professional interior. The collection can be fitted with up to seven different head options that fulfil the toughest light requirements from one up to four desks on a single pole luminaire. In environments where desks are clustered together in groups, Adapt can give a calmer and neater look for the office.

Adapt-F 2 Desk Front
Adapt 2 Desk Front is placed on the front of two desks and covers both workplaces. A free standing luminaire in front of the desk is perfect when you want to keep poles away from the communal areas. It comes as standard with two presence sensors that covers both work areas. It's also equipped with two intuitive control panels.

Smart technology
The clean and sleek exterior hides the many clever features inside Adapt. The luminaire comes with a control panel that lets you manually override any preprogrammed automatic settings, and its sensors make sure the light output is as energy-efficient as possible. 

A sustainable choice
Adapt is a energy-efficient, long-lasting and sustainable luminaire. If you at any point need to reconfigure your office plan, the Adapt will effortlessly follow your lead. You can easily take it with you, whether you move to a new corner or to a whole new location – there’s no need to buy a new one

Technical specifications

  • Light Source

    1. LED 2x12000 lumen out Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3.
      Tuneable white (CCT) 2x12000 lumen out.

  • Driver

    1. DALI - Dimmable as standard 

  • Connection

    1. Delivered as standard with 2,5m cable with plug

  • Body material and colour

    1. Aluminium body and pole. Foot in steel. 
      Powder coated in black, white or grey matte structure paint.

  • Switch

    1. Adapt-F 2 Desk Front is equipped with two switch panels. There are four possible options of switches as below: 
      On SPP-SEN 3000/4000K version:
      (5 buttons) on/off button and seperate +/- dimming for up and down light.
      On SPP-SEN CCT version:
      (5 buttons) on/off button, +/- colour temperature  and common +/- dimming for up and down light.
      On MPWC-SEN 3000/4000K version: (2 buttons) On/off with quick press and seperate dimming for up and down light.
      On MPWC-SEN CCT version: (2 buttons) On/off with quick press and common dimming for up and down light. Colour temperature changing on one button.

  • Integrated sensors

    1. Adapt-F 2 Desk Front är utrustad med två PIR-sensorer som täcker arbetsområdet framför den. Två möjliga sensoralternativ enligt nedan:

      SPP-SEN - Integrerad PIR-närvarosensor med dagsljuskompensation.(Små visuella dimningssteg kan inträffa när sensorn anpassar sig till dagsljusnivån)

      MPWC-SEN - Integrerad PIR-närvarosensor med dagsljuskompensation och trådlös funktionalitet för sceninställningar.

  • Optics

    1. Microprismatic (MP) diffuser with silk layer for glare control. 

  • Installation

    1. Delivered as a 3-part divided package with head, pole and base in different packages that are easily assembled with enclosed ellen key. See installation manual for detailed information. Attention! Use correct base for the specific product.




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