L-1 W

L-1 W

Bright ideas don’t fade. They shine brighter.

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A quiet presence It was already a success. Launched in 1937, the L-1 task light was already established as the proverbial cool task light and a must-have item on the desk of any ambitious designer, architect, artist or writer. It even came with a special wall mounting bracket for those whose illuminative needs transgressed the horizontal plane. But… There’s always a but, especially in creative circles. Sure, mounting the L-1 task light on the wall was great in an office, a studio or a showroom with ample space, but in a private home? In a hospital? In a church? Wasn’t it a bit … loud? ​  ​ Without having thought about luminaires in terms of decibels before, the Luxo designers got the point and soon introduced the L-1 Wall. And yes, there was controversy. Critical voices denounced the new L-1 Wall for its apparently flawed genealogy, what with its preposterously tiny arm and small dome.   However, the critical voices soon subsided as the L-1 Wall luminaire proved itself as being nothing if not a true L-1: smart, functional and friendly, perfectly suited for its purpose and with the quiet elegance that can only come from good craftmanship. In other words: an excellent example of how great ideas don’t fade, but just shine brighter.

Technical specifications

  • Electrical specification

    1. Plug-in 20V power supply for LED version. E27 version with 230V plug.
  • Optic

    1. Symmetric light output with a opalic diffuser for a softer light and to avoid glare.
  • Body material and colour

    1. Steel arm and aluminium shade. Colours: white or black.
  • Mounting

    1. L-1 Wall is delivered with standard wall mounting bracket (WBR).
  • Light Source

    1. LED 700 lumen out.Colour temperature 3000K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3 E27 with included LED 530 lumen (on/off) 2700 Kelvin replaceable light source . L-1 E27 is certified for maximum 10W.




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