Adapt - A flexible family


Luxo Adapt is a family of freestanding luminaires that are flexible enough to cover every office plan.


With Luxo quality and a clean Scandinavian design, you can be confident that an Adapt product will complement any professional interior. The collection can be fitted with up to seven different head options that fulfil the toughest light requirements from one up to four desks on a single pole luminaire. In environments where desks are clustered together in groups, Adapt can give a calmer and neater look for the office.

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A solution for every office

Adapt is developed with flexibility in mind.

Whatever your office plan, you will find a lighting solution. The luminaires are available in black, grey, and white, and come with many different options for controls, sensors, and adjustable or fixed colour temperatures. They can be easily moved and transported, and thus give you light exactly where you need it. These luminaires adapt to you – not the other way around.

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Illuminate several desks with a single luminaire

The traditional office setup is to have one freestanding lamp for each desk.

With Adapt you can illuminate up to four desks on a single pole luminaire, giving you a greater light output with fewer luminaires. This reduces both energy use and visual clutter: you get fewer lamps, fewer wires, and an airier look and feel for your workspace. Adapt’s up-light will illuminate your ceiling, which then reflects back on the surrounding areas below. This will reduce the need for dedicated ceiling lights, while still fulfilling EU requirements.

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A sustainable choice

Reducing the number of luminaires you need for your office space will give you a significant reduction in energy use.

This makes Adapt not only an aesthetically pleasing choice: it is also a cost-efficient, long-lasting and sustainable one. If at any point you need to reconfigure your office plan, the Adapt will effortlessly follow your lead. You can easily take it with you, whether you move to a new corner or to a whole new location – there’s no need to buy a new one. 

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Making conscious choices

Did you know that 95% of the environmental impact from a lighting fixture is from when it’s in use?

We have made sure to equip Adapt with the most efficient LED modules and high-quality optics. This has allowed us to bring forth an energy-efficient solution in a long-lasting luminaire with a lifetime of up to 40 years of normal use.

We have also kept the variety of materials in our Adapt luminaries to a minimum, and this has resulted in creating a durable product that can easily be divided into separate, clean parts for recycling.

Scandinavian design

The adapt luminaires boast a sleek Scandinavian design and impressive build quality.

This attention to detail can be found in even the most minor details, where even buttons, switches, and sensors are made to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Simple and unobtrusive, these luminaires will be a natural part of the modern office environment while letting you focus on the task at hand.

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Smart Technology

The clean and sleek exterior hides the many clever features inside Adapt.

The luminaire comes with a control panel that lets you manually override any pre-programmed automatic settings, and its sensors make sure the light output is as energy-efficient as possible. Optional functions specifications include daylight compensation that adapts the light to the surrounding environment, wireless communication with your other Adapt luminaires, and functionality that mimics the natural daily light cycles found in nature. 

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