How many luminaires are needed in this room? Do you need a quick and easy calculation of how many luminaires you need in order to achieve the desired lighting levels? Choose a product and complete the required values. EasyCalc gives you an immediate answer.

Our tool for simple lighting calculations is called EasyCalc. Most of our luminaires are available for calculations, and in just a few seconds you will find out how many luminaires you need in a room.

Select a variant before you calculate
EasyCalc does not only consider the size of the room, height etc., but also the wattage, optics, and other characteristics of the luminaire. EasyCalc is therefore connected to every single variant in our products. This means that you first must search for the variant you want to assess before pressing the green Calculate button.

How to proceed:

  • Find the correct variant of the product you want to calculate
  • Select Calculate

Then enter the necessary information:

  • The name of the room (optional)
  • Light distribution (if there is more than one alternative)
  • Room dimensions
  • Mounting height is the height from the floor to the luminaire
  • Working plane height is the distance from the floor to the working plane
  • Illuminance: Choose the desired lux value
  • Maintenance factor: Choose one of three suggestions
  • Enter the reflection values
  • Choose Calculate

Now you may download the lighting calculation as a PDF.

Make lighting calculations on your telephone.
EasyCalc is integrated into our web app. This means that you can make simple lighting calculations on your smart telephone in order to find out how many luminaires you need in a room. You can generate a PDF with a 3D drawing of the room, with project information, information about the chosen luminaire and the lighting calculations. The PDF can be sent to anyone via email directly from your telephone.