Motus - a sustainable choice

We know that the largest environmental impact from our products happens after they have left our hands. How the customer uses a luminaire and how long they use it for are the main contributors to the total lifetime energy consumption. That is why we make it as easy as possible to use (and love) our products for as long as possible. 

Our Motus range of task lights is especially suited for those of you who seek a sustainable choice. The spring-balanced arms have been thoroughly endurance tested, and the thoughtful engineering ensures that your luminaire will retain its light and structure for a minimum of 40 years with normal use. The aluminium used is mostly recycled, and fully recyclable, to minimise its environmental impact. 


The sleek and simple design makes a Motus task light a visually pleasing addition to any interior. This means that they can easily be moved around, re-purposed in new environments, and never go out of style.