New and improved version of OptiWin Pro

OptiWin Pro is a lighting calculation software from Glamox, which we offer free of charge to our customers and partners. The program makes it possible to carry out lighting calculations for comprehensive and complex projects. With its new powerful 64-bit calculation engine, it can handle even the most complex and demanding projects with ease.

OptiWin Pro provides detailed reports per room or for the entire building, giving you a comprehensive overview of your lighting design. It also includes integrated sensors, emergency and external lighting control devices, which can all be exported back to your CAD drawing.

With OptiWin Pro, you can easily calculate energy savings by using lighting controls, making it a cost-effective solution for your lighting needs. Upgrade to OptiWin Pro today and take your lighting design to the next level.

OptiWin Pro is a useful tool that provides easy and fast lighting calculations

  • It provides easy and fast lighting calculations using CAD drawings
  • It is also possible to import 3D models into .DWG or .DGN formats
  • The luminaire database contains more than 5,000 different luminaires
  • The luminaire database is updated continuously
  • Provides valuable documentation of the projects

Please download OPTIWIN PRO

Version: 2023.01

Download OPTIWIN Pro Complete


Version: 2023.01.25

Download OPTIWIN Pro Patch