Open-plan offices

Open-plan offices are a workplace setting that’s suitable for both individual and teamwork. Several zones can fulfil various needs – from informal meetings to focused intellectual work. Flexible, energy-saving lighting with individual lighting controls is the cornerstone of all modern office lighting.

Open-plan office design can vary substantially depending on a company’s needs and specifics. One common denominator lies in linear office desk arrangements. However, the desk area may also be mixed with sitting groups, small meeting areas or work tables, coffee corners and the like.

For the general lighting in an open-plan office layout, a direct/indirect solution is recommended. Pendant luminaires add structure to the room and provide a glare-free work environment.

The conditions for visual communication are particularly important in terms of open-plan office lighting, as it determines how well people can see each other’s faces and thereby read each other’s facial expressions to understand each other better. More light on the walls and ceiling ensures visual comfort, contributing to the employees’ wellbeing.

Each work station should have a presence detector to save energy when people when the open office space is unoccupied. In a 40 hour work week, perhaps as much as 30‐40% of the employees’ time is spent on business trips, in meetings or elsewhere.


Lighting requirements:

Type of task / activity area

Lux-level (Em)

Glare rating (UGRL)


Colour rendition

Em,z Em,wall Em,ceiling  Specific requirements

required modified U≥ 0,10
Writing, typing, reading, data processing 500 1000 19 0,60 80 150 150 100 Illuminances: min 50 lux
Ceiling illuminance min 30 lux.
Cylindrical illuminance: not applicable

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