LED upgrade of Norled passenger ferries






Cruise & Ferry

MS “Dronningen” is one of three identical passenger ferries owned by one of Norway’s largest shipping companies Norled. Glamox has had the pleasure to deliver a major upgrade of the lighting systems to all three vessels, MS “Dronningen”, MS “Kongen” and MS “Prinsen”.

All three ferries are gas powered. In addition, they can use marine diesel and a combination thereof. The ferries are equipped with low emission engines and by choosing state of the art LED lighting from Glamox Norled has taken another step to reduce its climate footprint.


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“The replacement of conventional lighting to LEDs has several positive outcomes; reduced maintenance costs, lower power consumption and better light output on board”, says Sindre Stølan, Area sales manager at Glamox International.



Lighting control
The solution from Glamox includes lighting control systems in the passenger area. This is another way to save energy, because the control system will adjust the artificial lighting to balance the natural light from the large windows on these passenger ferries. 
Norled has selected industrial gas and energy company Linde to supply the vessel with liquid hydrogen. Liquid hydrogen will be supplied from Linde's new 24MW electrolyzer at the Leuna CHemical Complex in Germany, which will use Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology to produce green.


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