Island Patriot

A complete renovation of the vessel’s floodlights has been carried out on board the Island Patriot. The conventional High Pressure Sodium luminaires have been replaced by 26 brand new FL70 LED floodlights, offering an energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free solution.

Originally delivered as a platform supply vessel, the Island Patriot of the ULSTEIN P105 design has later been converted to a well stimulation vessel. It was built at Ulstein Verft in 2005 for Island Offshore. It was later sold to Stimwell in Esbjerg, Denmark, but is still operated by Island Offshore Management.

Norway Island Patriot 03.jpg

Frequent replacements of light sources and increasing difficulties in obtaining spare parts was one of the reasons for the replacement. The conventional light sources have short life times. The new LED solution, however, has a life expectancy of 100.000 hours with little or no maintenance. The replacement was a simple operation, since the new luminaires would fit into the brackets used by the old ones.

The new solution comes with a 5 year warranty. The crew is excited about the quality of the new light.

About FL70
By using the latest LED and driver technology FL70 offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements. With its high lumen output the FL70 offers one of the best Lumen per Watt in the market. The product design has been undergoing thorough heat conduction and dissipation simulations, giving all components optimal conditions and ensuring long life time.