Commercial marine

HAVFISK is Norway's largest trawler company with 10 oceangoing trawlers. The company has completed the process of changing from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED on board their vessels. Several of their trawlers have been refitted with LED, by replacing the fluorescent tubes in the ships’ luminaires with ready-made LED kits developed and supplied by Glamox.

“Changing from fluorescent tubes to LED lighting on board our vessels has reduced the power consumption for lighting with more than 50%. In addition we have reduced the need for lamp changes, as the new LED solutions have more than 5 times higher lifetime than the traditional tubes,” says Eldar Vindvik, Technical Director of HAVFISK.

“The process of switching from tubes to LED in the Glamox luminaires is fast and easy. Basically it takes no more time than a normal lamp change. In many of the products, particularly the Glamox MIR luminaire, our crew members did it themselves while the ship was in operation,” continues Vindvik.


LED replacements
In the cabins and other interior spaces HAVFISK has chosen to replace the traditional luminaires by installing new LED products, such as the downlight DL60 and the ceiling luminaire DLT RS(M) LED. “Here we are also achieving the same positive experience with longer lifetime, reduced energy consumption and better light quality,” says Vindvik. “These replacements were made by an installer, but it was still an easy job, as the cut-out and cabling were the same as for the traditional luminaires that were being replaced,” says Vindvik.

Freezing room challenges
The company is mainly fishing for cod, haddock and saithe. The catch is processed and frozen on board. In the cargo hold the temperature is below -30C and it is of high importance not to add extra temperature, which actually is the case with traditional fluorescent lighting. When using fluorescent lighting, additional energy is needed to offset the increased heat output from multiple fluorescent lights. “It was the recommendation of Glamox to use the 1771 LED luminaire applicable for refrigerated areas, and are very satisfied with the solution,” says Vindvik.

“We can confirm that the LED products perform as promised. By its nature, LED is improving its performance, both on lifetime and light output in colder areas.  All in all we get much better light in the ship’s freezing room than before,” says Vindvik.

Many reasons for changing from tubes to LED
HAVFISK vessels operate under harsh conditions, and must have light fittings that can withstand this. Glamox has shown a proven quality for many years in this kind of environment.  Improved light quality, high lamp quality, easy replacement, 5-year product warranty and partly NOx fund financing are among HAVFISK’s main reasons for using the new LED refit systems from Glamox.

“Glamox has provided us with excellent support in the process of changing from tubes to their LED refit solutions. Glamox seem to have a very good understanding of this new technology, and in addition – they have delivered the original light fittings in the first place – so their LED replacement solution was designed to be fast and easy refit,” says Vindvik.

Partly funded by the NOx fund
The Norwegian NOx fund is a national drive for the reduction of mono-nitrogen oxides, organized by NHO, the main representative body of Norwegian employer organizations.

Vindvik explains: “As a member of the NOx fund we got financial support to carry out the replacements. Our calculations show that we are saving about 1 000 kilos of NOx emissions per vessel per year. The fund actually financed 30-40% of the complete replacement cost for us.  The reduced need for fuel due to the energy savings accounted for at least the same value. All in all it turned out to be a good investment that had a short payback for us.”

Why did you choose Glamox as your lighting supplier?
“As a bonus Glamox offers a 5 year warranty on the LED refit products, meaning that HAVFISK have now light installations on board that can be considered brand new. Glamox is known for being at the forefront of new technology and for producing high quality products. This is of high importance for us,” concludes Eldar Vindvik.

Thinking green means reduced cost of ownership

HAVFISK wanted to think green when they changed from conventional lighting to LED – but it turned out to be a good investment both for themselves and the environment.