New BMW showroom concept






Bogaerds Architecten

With its clearly dfined branding concept, German car maker BMW is providing architects with detailed guidelines for the construction and design of dealer showrooms. All based on the Bauhaus school of design.

Automobielbedrijf Jer. de Fonkert is a complete automotive service centre, located in Numansdorp near Rotterdam in South Holland. The family-owned company's decision to invest in a brand new showroom according to the newest BMW dealership guidelines has resulted in an architectonically stunning construction – and created a lot of positive energy for the company and the people who work there.


BMW Future Retail

BMW’s retail concept is called “Future Retail”, and outlines the car manufacturer’s requirements for BMW dealers. At the core of the new concept is the BMW style manual – which includes guidelines for the interiors and exteriors of the dealerships, including a complete architect’s manual for the construction of new showrooms.



The importance of good lighting

A showroom for beautiful cars should be flooded with light. The cars on display should look the same from all angles. There should be no shadows. For this reason, the new Numansdorp showroom is equipped with powerful low-glare downlights of the Glamox D70 LED family, mounted at a height of 6,5 metres.

In the offices and reception area there are matching recessed luminaires of the Luxo Modul LED type, with glare-free microprismatic optics. All luminaires have a colour temperature of 4000K, which provides for a bright, daylight-related ambience that make people and cars look their best. The light levels are adjustable with the use of sensors.

Products used in this project