LED replacement kits save energy in hospital building

The Neuro Center at St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim is in a separate building with wards, offices and examination rooms. A recent project made it possible to replace the old conventional luminaires in the corridors with modern LED solutions.

Neuro center.png

A total of 860 luminaires had to be replaced. These were all recessed into the corridors’ plaster ceilings. Rather than mounting completely new luminaires, Glamox suggested a solution using LED kits, keeping the old luminaire housings and replacing the technology inside. This way there was no damage to the plaster ceilings.

The solution made it possible to carry out the replacement in very little time. This was important to the hospital, which was in full operation throughout the process. A quick-fix solution using magnets made it possible to modernize each luminaire in no time. The luminaires also were equipped with new, tight louvres, keeping dirt and dust away from the electronics inside. 



– Trondheim, Norway
– Luminaire system: GLE Refit Kit
– Payback time: 3,3 years

Neuro centre 39%.png


The savings were significant. The energy consumption was reduced by 39%, while the maintenance costs were reduced by 57%. The total payback time (ROI) is 3,3 years.

The job was carried out by a local installer with the assistance of a specialist from Glamox.