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Mowi sustainable fish-feed production facility







Energy savings


Mowi is one of the world’s largest seafood companies and has its fish feed granules production facility on the coast at Valsneset, Norway. With fluorescent lighting being phased out across Europe, the company opted for LED Kits as a way to reuse much of its existing luminaires and still enjoy the cost benefits of switching to energy-saving LED.

The Brief

Aware of the phase-out of fluorescent lighting, Mowi knew that sooner or later it would have to replace around 900 fluorescent T5 and T8 luminaires in its factory and warehouse. The company was also keen to reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint. Instead of swapping out its fluorescent luminaires for LED replacements, it sought to reuse as much of the original luminaires as possible, while still enjoying the energy-saving benefits of LED.

LED Kit being installed, Mowi Valsneset  Credit_ Glamox.jpg

The Solution

Glamox specially created an LED Kit for Mowi’s GPV2 linear luminaires that would replace only the light source, electronics, and diffuser. This enabled it to retain the metal luminaire housing which is the most carbon-intensive part of the luminaire to produce. To save additional electricity, the lights in the factory and warehouses were equipped with motion sensors and mechanical timers set up for a maximum of four hours.

On the quayside of the facility, Mowi’s 30m-high unloader which takes raw materials from docked vessels is illuminated with two Glamox RLX D FL 240W100 floodlights and 30 new impact-resistant water-tight linear MIR water-resistant luminaires. Two loaders that load vessels with finished feed products were each fitted with RLX floodlights and 15 MIR luminaires. Four Max explosion-proof luminaires were also installed at the harbour’s LNG refuelling station.

Ragnar Meland, Electrical Supervisor, Mowi Feed  Credit_ Glamox.jpg

The Result

The GPV2 LED Kits proved a highly sustainable solution, consuming 60% less electricity than the previous installation. Use of existing luminaire housings made for quick installation and there was no need to repair or paint ceilings. Additional benefits were found. Ragnar Meland, Electronics Supervisor at Mowi also noted, “Before, we struggled with the lifetime of the fluorescent tubes which also took time to warm up as the environment is cold. Now we get instant light and the long life of the LED technology means lower maintenance costs.”