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Major energy savings in university library

Energy consumption before

30,60 KWh/day

Energy consumption after

6,02 KWh/day

Energy savings


The library at Molde University College is open from 07:00 in the morning until 23:00 at night, and the lights are on all of this time. Recently the library’s 180 conventional ceiling luminaires with fluorescent tubes were replaced by 180 modern LED luminaires controlled with a Zigbee light management system.

The work was carried out by local installer iElektro, by Per Even Sandnes Pettersen and Helge Ivar Orset. They explain that energy savings were a motivating factor for this investment. “For this
reason, we measured the energy consumption of the old installation for 27 days prior to the change, and then we measured the energy consumption for a similar period of time after the new solution was installed.”


- Molde University College
- Norway
- Luminaire used: C90
- System used: Glamox Wireless Zigbee

Molde university 80%.png

The result was astonishing: The old installation used a total of 30,68KWh/ day. With the new solution the energy consumption was reduced to 6:02KWh/ day. This is a major savings on the electricity bill for the university. In addition, there is no maintenance cost since there are no fluorescent tubes that need to be replaced. The modern LED light sources have a very
long life-time.


Molde university college 01


The Zigbee technology is a protocol controlling the luminaires, enabling them to communicate with each other. Each luminaire has a built-in presence detector that dims the light when there is no one in the room. 

The change from old to new solution only took two work days.

Molde university college 05