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Lighting replacement without shutdown







Energy savings


At the University Hospital of Nord Norge (UNN), all patient rooms have been equipped with new and improved LED-lights without the need for shutdowns or ceiling interventions.

The state-of-the-art hospital is the largest in North Norway and opened its doors in 2001. Over the next two years, a total of 34.000 luminaires are scheduled for replacement. Notably, all patient rooms have now undergone a hassle-free lighting upgrade, allowing the rooms to remain operational without the need for closure or extensive cleaning.

The EU's RoHS directive, which came into effect on August 25, 2023, prohibits T8 fluorescent tubes. This was the primary reason why the University Hospital opted to replace its old tubes. Recognizing the importance of swift and seamless changes in a busy hospital, UNN opted for a solution that minimizes disruptions.

Replaced in five minutes

Our innovative LED kit emerged as the optimal solution, seamlessly replacing the technology within existing luminaires without altering the luminaire housing or impacting the ceiling. The entire replacement process takes only five minutes.

The new LED lights feature different light optics, significantly enhancing light distribution in the rooms.

Beyond the visual improvements of enhanced lighting, UNN has achieved 75 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to pre-replacement levels. This yields a short payback period of just 2.5 years.

While the luminaires delivered to UNN currently lack sensors or lighting control systems, many of the newly installed LED luminaires are prepared for future connections. This forward-thinking approach allows for the integration of smart lighting control systems at a later stage, promising even greater savings in both energy consumption and finances through precise monitoring and control.

Reducing carbon footprint

"Having our luminaires selected for this project is particularly special for me, being born and raised in Tromsø. UNN hospital is a pioneer in doing what's right for patients, staff, and the environment. I am also pleased that the transition to our LED lights will enable the hospital to significantly save electricity on lighting and reduce its carbon footprint," says Astrid Simonsen Joos, CEO of Glamox.

The lighting upgrade in patient rooms marks the initial phase of the hospital's lighting transformation, with the replacement of the remaining 34,000 fixtures scheduled over the next two years.

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