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Harlow District Council is the elected body responsible for the governance of Harlow, Essex. The council is based at the Harlow Civic Centre, which was completed in 2004, and is open from 09:00 in the morning until 16.45 in the afternoon. The installed lighting system comprised of fluorescent luminaires, some of which were no longer operational, therefore not generating energy consumption, and an old DALI lighting control system.

The Brief

Harlow District Council required a modern, energy efficient lighting system that provided correct, effective lighting and complied with current and upcoming regulations. While understandably sceptical of lighting control systems after the poor performance of their original installation, the council acknowledged that wireless controls would enable the complete monitoring and management of the lighting system, generating great energy efficiency and user comfort.

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The Solution

Our lighting design team reviewed information gathered from the existing Harlow Civic Centre lighting installation. Lighting calculations were made and we provided the council with a detailed set of product recommendations. Most of the existing fluorescent luminaires were to be replaced with brand new LED versions. However, there were some pendant style luminaires in the atrium which the council wanted to retain, so our product design engineers designed a brand new, customised LED kit to replace the original fluorescent components, while retaining the original housing and maintaining the desired aesthetics. This extended the product’s life cycle, reduced carbon footprint and still provided significant energy savings. We recommended a wireless lighting control system, supplied by our fellow Group company, Lite ip, because of its flexibility, ease of use and data monitoring capabilities.


– Before: 20,25 KWh/day
– After: 8,10 KWh/day
– Saving: 60%

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The Result

In total, approximately 1000 LED luminaires, from 12 different product ranges and designed for different applications were supplied by Glamox Luxonic. From office style, 600 x 600 mm luminaires, to external ground recessed uplighters and emergency lighting. The installed wireless control system enables council staff to monitor area usage and make adjustments to maximise energy savings. System health and emergency light fittings can be checked and monitored without having to walk around the premises and physically checking.

The whole lighting system can now be controlled precisely, remotely and with finger-tip control via a wireless hand- held tablet. The Glamox Luxonic installed lighting system is 60% more energy efficient than the previous installation.