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The BUMA Group has been operating in the field of office and residential investments as well as general contracting of investments and real estate management since 1991. They are an undisputed market leader on the office space market in Krakow, which cooperates with top architectural studios in Poland and reliable suppliers.

Some of the largest corporations in the world like Google, Motorola, or Shell have their offices in office buildings completed by the BUMA Group in collaboration with ES-SYSTEM. Our collaboration with the BUMA Group began in 2010 with the collectively completed investment called Quattro Business Park A and Green Office A. The deep involvement of our Project Managers and our comprehensive range of energy-efficient products were the main deciding factors that resulted in long‑term cooperation with the BUMA Group on some of the most important office and residential building projects in Krakow.

When lighting premium class office spaces, it’s important to make sure that the light intensity at work stations is appropriate in accordance with the general applicable standards and that the color rendering index is satisfactory. However it is also crucial to come forth with products with extraordinary design and efficient lighting solutions that save money as well as energy, and are thus more environmentally friendly.

After the first project was completed with the BUMA Group, it was already clear that they are ademanding investor who expects not only comprehensive consulting during the selection of lighting, so that it suits the interior design perfectly, but also places emphasis on the supplier’s availability and the energy efficiency of the lighting solutions, which has previously been thoroughly analyzed and confirmed.

The Group’s latest project we have been invited to project in which we are participating is the DOT Office in Krakow. The complex consists of several 6-story office buildings with a total floor area of 7 300 m2. Sustainable construction solutions have been used while designing the buildings’ structure, facade and internal systems and installation, which helps achieve significant savings.

The three buildings in the DOT Office complex have been leased by the petrochemical company, Shell, which has one of its six global finance and accounting centers in Krakow. The luminaires used in the office space included the MODERNA, CAMELEON and S4000 LED systems, whereas the underground parking lot was equipped with Cosmo LED luminaires, which are the perfect choice for that type of area.

Thanks to the use of ES-SYSTEM luminaires in the buildings leased by Shell, it was possible to reduce energy consumption by 40% from 89.56 kW with conventional lighting to 50.40 kW using luminaires wit LED technology.


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Magdalena Kałkowska