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Energy savings

85 %

Axians, the most versatile specialist in digital transformation and energy transition, has equipped its office in Capelle aan den IJssel in the Netherlands with sustainable lighting and a wireless light management system. During this refurbishment, they switched from the traditional fluorescent tube to modern LED lighting. With the current energy prices and the phasing out of fluorescent light sources, this is a wise decision.


A COMPANY WHERE TECHNOLOGY is the backbone of the organization with a great interest in innovation and efficiency. ICT solutions and ingenuity are of paramount importance here, as is sustainability. Our contact arose with the simple question: “Can you help us replace lighting fixtures?” As the project developed the interest in our light management systems arose due to sustainability objectives.


About Axians

Axians supports its customers — private-sector companies, public-sector entities, operators and service providers — in their digital infrastructures and solutions development. To this end, Axians offers a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and services spanning business applications and data analytics, enterprise networks and digital workspaces, datacenters and cloud services, telecommunications infrastructure and cybersecurity. Axians’s specialized consulting, design, integration and service teams develop bespoke digital transformation solutions that contribute to successful business outcomes for its customers. Axians has offices in 27 countries and counts worlwide 13.500 employees.


An outdated installation and a light management wish

Changes in older buildings where the technical installation is based on the existing lighting system require smart solutions. For example, the wiring is often 3-wire and difficult to expand to the 5-wire system, which is necessary to use the DALI standard for lighting. The solution to this situation is a reliable and easy to set up wireless system.


The Axians building was built in 1989 and is therefore an outdated building. Our Glamox Wireless Radio system brought the most efficient solution through significantly less work on the technical installation; no wiring adjustment, no adjustment in the groups and no need for light switches. Axians manages IT networks and their customers’ data should be secured at all times. Glamox Wireless Radio communicates on the 868 mHz frequency and is the perfect solution for this, it functions independently of the company network.


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Energy-saving lighting solution

In collaboration with OOK architects, we realized a lighting design in which all LED lighting fixtures were fitted with a presence sensor. If this sensor registers the presence of people, the lighting reacts in scenarios that have been programmed in advance using a tablet. Scenarios in which the response time, lighting levels and follow-up time match the users and their tasks, these settings can easily be adjusted if, for example, rooms are given different purposes. If a control route is walked through the building outside working hours, only the lighting where the surveillance is located reacts briefly.

Lighting, which is only on when there is human activity, saves a lot of energy. The switch to LED luminaires alone entails savings of 50 percent on energy costs. With Glamox Wireless Radio this saving can amount upto 85 percent compared to the old situation.

Building on the possibilities that Glamox Wireless Radio already offers, it was decided to expand the system. Collators are currently being installed in the building. These units measure the exact energy consumption, burning hours, presence and status of the lighting. Insight into these parameters ensures greater efficiency; for example, you can determine which areas have been used and need to be cleaned and where cleaning is not necessary or where a different setting of luminaires is more effective.



Successful cooperation

Peter Booms - Procurement Manager at Axians says: “I have nothing but praise for the lighting and I am glad that it has been realized in this way. I had no worries about the lighting during the entire project, everything went smoothly and was supervised with great enthusiasm. In the beginning, the lighting was a closing point for me that was not realistic. Thanks to Glamox’s input, I have a beautiful end result that meets all requirements both decoratively and functionally. Users are satisfied, we are more energy efficient and more sustainable, 1+1 has actually become 3. The cooperation between us, Glamox and installer Lugthart could not have been better.”


What makes Glamox Wireless Radio unique:

- Luminaires do not need to be addressed or programmed
- Luminaires can be grouped and be members of several groups
- Luminaires can be allocated to zones
- No limit on number of luminaires
- Adjustments remain possible, they are easily implemented
- The system can be expanded
- The system is future-proof
- Optional: monitor energy consumption, office occupancy, luminaires and emergency lighting
- No connection to company network or interference with other systems
- Glamox Wireless Radio operates on the 868 MHz frequency

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