Amsterdam Stock Exchange





The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is considered the oldest in the world. It was established in 1602 by the Dutch East India Company.The famous trading floor with its lofty barrel-vaulted ceiling of glass, cast iron and wood is known from a great number of financial television programs.

Recently the trading floor has been bathed in a new light. The old metal halide luminaires in the glass ceiling have been replaced by modern LED luminaires.

A perfect match

The choice fell on Glamox i80, a powerful industrial LED luminaire suitable for installation in large rooms with tall ceiling heights, such as factory assembly halls and warehouses. The historical glass ceiling over the trading floor is made up of multiple square compartments.

By chance, the square i80 luminaires fit exactly into this structure. The dimensions of the luminaires combined with their technical lighting properties made Glamox i80 a good choice for this project.

A total of twenty Glamox i80 LED luminaires were installed in the ceiling above the trading floor. These replaced the 28 metal halide luminaires which had lit the exchange hall for years. The twenty LED lights produce more light than the 28 metal halide luminaires. The newly installed i80 luminaires provide approximately 200 lux on the trading floor.

No easy access

The Glamox i80 luminaires were installed via a space above the glass ceiling in the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange. In order to replace the luminaires in the ceiling, the team of installers had to crawl along a route which in part passes over the roof of the historical building.