Albert Schweitzer Hospital






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Following a comprehensive reform package, Dutch hospitals compete for patients not only on medical quality, but also on service and ambience.

The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht is leading the way in this process. For two consecutive years 2013 and 2014 the top place in the national Dutch hospital ranking was won by this hospital, which was established in 1999 as a merger between several local hospitals in the Dordrecht area.

New maternity ward

Recently the new obstetrics and maternity ward called “Birth Center Rhena” was opened. This department of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital is an excellent example of the philosophy of trying to create a user-friendly home-like ambience in the wards.

Neurology department

The Neurology Department at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital has also been totally renovated. A theme of the 17th Century Dordrecht school of painting was selected for this area, with replicas of the works of local master painters from the Golden Age of Dutch painting. Also, a pleasant lighting scheme was designed to impact on the look and feel of the reception area.

Each examination and consultancy room is well lit with modern LED luminaires that offer a glare-free environment and optimal working conditions for the staff.