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Great energy savings in brewery facility

Aass brewery in Drammen is one of the oldest breweries in Norway. They contacted Glamox because they wanted to become more energy efficient. Their original problem was the high temperatures in the building which meant they had to spend energy on cooling to keep the temperature as low as possible. Their lights were on 24/7, and light creates heat – which in turn meant they had to cool the building down even more.



– Year: 2021
– Glamox industry
– Drammen, Norway
– Luminaire system: Glamox i10, Glamox Wireless Radio

Aas 82% icon.png


Measurements, before and after installation.

Representatives from Glamox visited Aass brewery, and started by measuring their energy consumption. They then did calculations using the proposed new lighting installation and wireless control system, and the first estimate was a savings potential of 75%. A saving of 75% gave an estimated payback period of 3.5 years, and these figures convinced the management of Aass brewery to give the green light for the project. 


In the end, the new lighting installation ended up saving them 82% on lighting alone, and the more efficient use of lighting also meant they needed to spend less on cooling – which saved even more.

The brewery got better light quality and actually higher light levels and a better working environment for all employees in the building. They now have light only where they need it and when they need it. It increases the lifetime of the installation and reduces maintenance costs for the owner of the building. In addition to getting a smarter, flexible building, where they can make the
changes to the lighting installation themselves, they actually have changed the way they use the building.