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3 Centenary Square






Birmingham, UK

3 Centenary Square was a complex £27m project comprising of the redevelopment of Birmingham Municipal Bank, and was a major refurbishment of the Grade II Listed building on behalf of the University of Birmingham. Built in the 1930’s and designed by T.Cecil Howitt, the bank is of key significance to the UK’s second city and importance lies within the preservation of the original culture and value.


Our brief was to supply a complete and detailed design, providing a compliant lighting scheme, and a lighting controls system to meet specification expectation. We were required to work closely with the clients, M&E consultant and architect, while remaining within M&E contractors’ budgets. The objective was to create an exceptional working environment, but also to revive a city landmark.



As this was a Grade 2 listed building, our team faced various challenges; All existing wiring points should be used, no additional wiring points were to be considered on walls or ceilings. A Glamox Luxonic wireless lighting controls system and a wide range of wireless connectivity enabled luminaires would provide the perfect solution to the issue of not using additional wiring or modifying the walls and ceilings. The luminaires would be provided in a non-standard paint colour to meet Grade 2 listed heritage requirements.



The new wireless lighting system ensured that no new wiring was required on the walls or ceilings, not only meeting customer expectations, but also providing a more sustainable solution. The wireless lighting controls enable the entire lighting system to be monitored and controlled via a hand-held tablet. Detailed energy usage and emergency lighting reports can be accessed remotely. The new wireless system is also expertly equipped to reduce carbon footprint and enable major energy cost savings throughout the coming years.