A classic luminaire with timeless design for lighting park alleyways, parking facilities, plazas and gardens. Luminaire installation directly on a pole with a diameter of 48 mm or indirectly on a pole with a diameter of 60 mm using a D48/D60 pole reduction. The luminaire's special aluminum construction ensures proper heat dissipation from the LED module and lighting control. IK09 mechanical impact resistance. The luminaire is painted black as a standard.

Technical specifications

  • Available variants

    1. You can choose a luminaire with a standard programmed dimming schedule at night VM-DIM or from the group of VMC (Virtual Midnight Control) systems - with the option of selecting one of seven predefined luminaire dimming schedules via SMS (after expanding the system with the ATLAS ROAD module) or with regulation power level via 4DIM control (StepDIM, MainsDIM, AstroDim, DALI)
  • Lifetime

    1. LED module lifetime of up to 100 000 hours for L80B50
  • Housing

    1. The luminaire roof functions as a radiator
  • Specification

    1. The optics are separated from the geartray – the lighting control is installed near the base, the LED strip is mounted near the luminaire roof (the LED strip is thermally separated from the lighting control)
  • IP class

    1. IP code IP65
  • Ingress protection

    1. IK code IK09 and Corrosivity class C3
  • Ambient temperature (Ta)

    1. Permissible ambient temperature range from -40°C to 50°C
  • Mounting

    1. Recommended mounting height>3-6 m




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