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Motus Line

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Motus Line is a pendant luminaire designed for mounting directly above your head at your workstation. Like the other members of the Motus family it has a sleek Scandinavian design. Motus Line is molded from one piece, with a monolithic shape devoid of cuts and irregularities. A high efficacy combined with excellent glare control and impeccable lighting uniformity on the working surface are among the features that allow this luminaire to fulfil the highest expectations in terms of performance in addition to providing exquisite aesthetics. Motus Line makes the adjustment of light for each individual workplace an easy task. Equipped with two infrared switches you can set the light level to your personal preference for both the indirect and direct light by giving the switches a light touch.

Technical specifications

  • Mounting

    1. For pendant mounting. A luminaire includes: a cable, and 2 wires. A special balancing mechanism included. Easy height adjustment. Suspension distance fits perfectly 600mm modular ceiling.

  • Optics

    1. State-of-the-art edge-lit 5 layer microprismatic (MP) optics consisting of: 1. 2 mm PMMA microprism 2. Diffusing foil 3. LGP panel 4. Reflective foil 5. Tightening foam

  • NEW

    1. The product is equipped with two infrared switches, one for direct light and one for indirect light. Touch the switches to increase and decrease the amount of light needed. A short tap will turn the light off.

  • Light output

    1. 4000lm / 6000lm
  • Light distribution

    1. UP/DOWN: 40/60 - standard, 50/50 on request
  • Light Source

    1. 830, 840, MacAdams 3, CRI90 on request

  • Integrated sensors

    1. Available with: MPW-SEN - recommended for group of offices, More information on item level.
  • Body material and colour

    1. Body in two standard colours: white or black. Extruded aluminium profile.

  • Lifetime

    1. L80B50 -100 000h

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