The right light for your tasks

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Perfect workstation lighting

The C81-P is a slender pendant luminaire with a contemporary design. Its slimmer aluminium profile housing has a more modern appearance – sharp edges, no visible screws in the endcaps and an attractive selection of optics. The C81-P was designed specifically with LED technology in mind. It offers a high efficacy of up to 150 lm/W, with improved sensors, minimised glare and possible separate up- and downlight functionality. This makes it a go-to solution for small cell offices, open offices and meeting rooms.


The design has been kept simple and sleek, while the optional lighting technology is advanced and efficient.
All wrapped in a solid and compact aluminium housing.

Choose the right variant for your task

You can choose the right C81-P variant for any task by selecting the optics that suit your needs. The silver matte
reflector provides exceptional efficiency at the workplace. Microprismatic variants provide additional glare control and if you have high aesthetic aspirations, the white matte reflector creates a particularly elegant impression. All versions of the luminaire feature a blind spot in its middle, which also prevents excessive dazzling. This feature is useful especially at individual workstations.

The right and smart light

By combining the C81-P with smart technology, you can gain a lighting solution that provides great benefits and is perfectly tailored to your needs, different tasks and purposes. Features like daylight and presence sensing drastically reduce energy consumption, often by 90% or more in refurbishment projects. With smart use of energy, the installation’s lifetime is also extended. Another advantage of using smart lighting is optimising the light quality and achieving outstanding visual comfort thanks to solutions that mimic the qualities of daylight. With our commissioning services, various lighting scenes and monitoring functionalities can be installed with professional precision. We offer wired and wireless lighting controls that ensure great flexibility and scalability and are easy to install and use. Overall, you get a more sustainable lighting solution that can be adapted to meet any specification.

You define. We connect.

Technical specifications

  • Mounting

    1. For pendant mounting. A luminaire includes: A cable, 2 wires and 2 endcaps. A special balancing mechanism included. Easy height adjustment. Suspension distance fits perfectly 600mm modular ceiling.

  • Optics

    1. 3 optics available: MP - microprismatic diffuser, SM - silver matte reflector, WM - white matte reflector.

  • Dimensions

    1. One standard dimension: 1600 mm

  • Light output

    1. 3 options: Low, medium and high output - 4000, 6000, 8000 lm

  • Light distribution

    1. UP/DOWN: 40/60

  • Light Source

    1. 830, 840, TCE 827-850, MacAdams 3, CRI90 on request

  • Integrated sensors

    1. Available with: SPR-SEN - recommended for a single office, MPW-SEN - recommended for group of offices, CPW-SEN - recommended for building management. More information on item level.

  • Body material and colour

    1. Body and end-caps in three standard colours: grey, white or black. Extruded aluminium profile.

  • Lifetime

    1. L80B50 -100 000h




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