A70-WG G2

A70-WG G2

Wall-mounted reading light

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A70-WG G2 is a modern gooseneck luminaire with a powerful LED light source and flexible arm. The light source is positioned well inside the lamp head, in order to avoid glare. This makes it possible to focus the concentrated reading light exactly where it is required, without disturbing the surroundings. The gooseneck design makes it easy to change the direction of the light. The aluminium lamp head is designed to divert heat. The user will not experience any discomfort when handling the luminaire while it is lit. A70-WG G2 is an excellent bedside reading light. Other suitable applications for this flexible reading light are student reading rooms and libraries. Dimming and USB-C charger A70-WG is dimmable (100-1%) with an integrated touch dim switch. One variant comes with an USB-C charger for mobile phone and tablet.

Technical specifications

  • Connection

    1. 2 pole push-in terminal or 2m cable with plug

  • Body material and colour

    1. The housing in black (RAL 9005) is made of solid PA (polyamide), gooseneck is produced with solid material and is coated in black rubber. The head is made in aluminium. Selection of different decor plates. Sales text explanation: Example: BL/CO/BL Black head/Coppar plate/Black body

  • Driver

    1. Integraded dimmable driver (100-1%) with an integrated switch. USB-C charger for mobile phone and tablet provide 2,5A / 5V.

  • Light Source

    1. LED 300 lumen out Light source information: 3000/4000 Kelvin, CRI 80,MacAdams 3. Lifetime LED: Up to 60.000h Ta25. For precise technical information please see the data sheet on item level. (Use on right side)




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