Wireless and effortless light control

K3 Logistics West provides conveniently located modern storage and office facilities near Ring III and the Helsinki - Vantaa airport. The Glamox Wireless Radio system offers flexible lighting control at the premises.

Text: Marjukka Puolakka
Photos: Jari Hudd

The K3 West premises are divided into four sections, ranging between 1800 and 4800 m2. The new premises got their first users in April 2020. YIT is the main contractor for the project.

Among the tenants are Thomeko Ltd., offering food industry materials, and Sto Finexter Ltd., delivering facade, concrete, floor and interior products. The storage area ramps, loading platforms and docks ensure smooth deliveries. There is plenty of room for trucks in a large yard area.

In addition to the storage areas, the premises also contain offices and showrooms, which are divided into sections following the users' needs.

Intelligent control

The forklift traffic at the storage area and safe operation between the high shelves require sufficient and even lighting, both at floor level and on the shelves. The ceiling lights must be glare-free, even when goods are collected from the top shelves which are 12 metres above ground.

The lightweight optics of Glamox i10 industrial lamps ensure good and glare-free lighting in the storage area. Energy-efficient and durable LED technology is the best choice for high ceilings, where changing the light sources is always a big and expensive operation.

The lighting is managed with the Glamox Wireless Radio system, which allows the luminaires to be controlled separately. Each luminaire has its own transmitter/receiver with an identification code and a PIR motion sensor. The sensor is specifically designed for industrial applications and works well even in tall spaces. Programming enables the luminaires to communicate with each other on the 868 MHz radio frequency.

In the storage room, the luminaires are divided in groups, one group for every shelf aisle. The luminaires in a group are controlled by motion sensors and light up together. When no movement is detected in a given areathe luminaires switch off through a few adjustment steps. Next to the shelves, the higher and the lower luminaires are divided into separate control groups.

”When the lights are lit in rows, not all the lights need to be switched on at the same time. This will also reduce glare in the shelf row where work is being carried out", explains Niko Kauriste , Electrical Engineer, FIN-LVI Ltd.

Easy installation and commissioning

Lighting installations at 12 metres were made easier with quick-connectors added at the manufacturing stage.

”It was easy to install the luminaires on the rail, because there was no need to open and connect them. Quick- connectors are a great help when you need to connect several lights to the same group", says Joakim Rikberg, Work Manager at Sähköpare Ltd.

After the installation, the lighting groups and control settings were programmed with an Android tablet.

”This was my first installation project using the Glamox Wireless system. Everything went well. The programming carried out by the Glamox representative seemed easy when the groundwork was done well", says Rikberg.

The Glamox Wireless control system data can be transferred to cloud service using a separate Wireless Access Point. This enables remote monitoring of the energy consumption and operation of the lamps. The users can later make changes to the lighting control groups, delay times and dimming levels.

”The option to change the settings later is a big plus. Lighting control makes the system more energy efficient", says Pavlov who can also disclose that an application for the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver environmental certification for the property has been submitted.

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