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The new ORTUS - Functional and compact design in emergency lighting

ORTUS is a modern and versatile emergency luminaire family that combines variants for backlit pictograms as well as lighting for escape routes and points of emphasis. All of this is enclosed in compact body with a consistent design across all versions.

Well-designed emergency lighting makes it possible to safely evacuate people during a power outage and simplifies the work of emergency service personnel.

Find the best solution for emergency lighting with the new ORTUS. Whether you need reliable emergency lighting for sports facilities, shopping centres, industrial or public buildings, this product’s impressive versatility makes it suitable for use in virtually any space.


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ORTUS meets the highest standards. The family consists of emergency safety sign, escape route and anti-panic lighting in accordance with the EN 60598-2-22, EN 1838 and EN 50172 standards. Additionally, the ORTUS-W SIGN version is suitable for use with safety signs in accordance with ISO 7010.

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The impressive versatility of the ORTUS family makes it suitable for use in virtually any space. This product’s functionality has also been extended to include applications in outdoor conditions and at large mounting heights.

Be sure your safety is secure…

We all know that emergency lighting should have the most reliable energy sources available. That is why we have equipped ORTUS with the best possible technology on the market – lithium batteries.

What are the benefits of using lithium batteries?

They are characterised by a high energy density, which helps ensure longer service life and warranty periods. The battery packages are standardised, and their smaller dimensions lead to better design possibilities. No additional formatting is required with this plug & play solution with Nobel Prize-winning potential for future development.

…and sustainable

But perhaps most important of all, lithium batteries are a highly sustainable solution that reduces CO2 emissions while slashing energy costs.

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