The future of lighting controls

A gigantic new office building is equipped with the newest light management technology.

Økern Portal is a huge new building complex with a central location in Oslo. This is one of the largest office buildings in Scandinavia. The total size of the project is 88.000 m². Of this 55.000 m² is office space. The design is inspired by the forest, with a lot of greenery inside and a unique roof terrace. When completed, the building will house 3.000 employees working for a wide variety of tenants.

There are 7.500 Glamox luminaires installed in the building. All of these have integrated Glamox wireless ZigBee technology. The luminaires are monitored with the cloud-based Glamox Connect dashboard. This is an open system that can be used with different light management technologies.

Glamox connect also offers open cloud to cloud API for communication with BMS systems.

Glamox Connect provides full overview of the project, including how the space is used, detailed information about each luminaire, as well as the status of emergency lights. Glamox Connect can be monitored remotely by anyone who has access to the system. This simplifies the maintenance work. All relevant reports can be generated by Glamox Connect.

Glamox offers wireless flexibility. It is easy to plan, easy to install, easy to commission and easy to use. This is the future of lighting controls!

Building facts:

Total size: 88.000 m² (offices, services, hotel)
Offices 55.000 m²
3.000 employees
Building owner: Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS
Electric consultant: Rejlers
Electrical installer: Lysteknikk
Architect: Lark Landskap AS
Interior design: Zinc interior architects


A major project

The company responsible for the electrical installation is AS Lysteknikk. This includes lighting and monitoring, data network, fibre network and other IT solutions. Lysteknikk’s project manager is Øyvind Udnæs Faye. “The biggest challenge in this project is the huge size of the building,” he says. “The size of the project in combination with the short building time required careful planning and administration. Our focus for selecting suppliers to the project have been as follows: Easy mounting, complete solutions, product quality, service and support from suppliers.”

Økern Portal is full of new inventions. The building owner has seen the benefits of upgrading from standard solutions to innovative solutions for the future, including ultra-modern lighting solutions. This is a key factor when promoting the building to potential tenants.

Lysteknikk chose Glamox as a supplier of luminaires and light management system. “We have worked with Glamox before, and knew they could deliver complete and complex solutions,” says Faye.

Øyvind Faye is proud of the result. “Everyone, from project managers to apprentices have worked very hard with pride to achieve all this is in a very short time,” he says.