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Our Swiss lighting company Küttel changes name and rebrands to Glamox

O Küttel AG will change its name and branding for all new products to Glamox AG effective today. The change recognises the growing power of the brand of Glamox, its parent lighting company, and the Glamox Group’s commitment to continued growth in Switzerland.

O. Küttel AG was established in Lucerne in 1940 and for more than 75 years has been trusted as one of Switzerland’s top lighting brands. Its lighting designers and field staff work with architects, electrical planners, and electricians to develop customised LED lighting solutions for professional and commercial buildings such as hotels, offices, industrial buildings, and retail stores. Its customers include Galliker Transport & Logistics, Mobility Suurstoffi Rotkreuz, Voigt AG, Niederbipp Heiniger Kabel AG, Beyer Chronometrie, Avenches, Olten, and Zürich SSM, to name but a few. In spring 2018, Glamox acquired the company which today employs 52 people and has its headquarters in Lucerne and offices in Zurich and Bern.

“We see good growth opportunities in the Swiss lighting market in the years ahead and it makes good business sense that we exploit the collective strengths of the Glamox Group. Awareness of the Glamox brand has grown significantly in the past few years and we seek to leverage that going forward fully. Furthermore, our operations have increasingly been integrated into the Group’s digital systems, and for customers, we already offer its range of connected lighting, light management systems, and human-centric lighting. Changing the name and brand was the next logical step,” said Thomas Zahl, General Manager for Glamox in Germany and Switzerland

“Küttel will continue to be a trusted partner in its local markets and its brand will continue to be used for existing branded products but will eventually disappear over time as its new products will be branded Glamox,” said Nina Hol, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for the Glamox Group. “Practically speaking it’s business as usual for Küttel’s customers and partners. They will continue to enjoy the quality products and services they are used to, with the added visibility and resources of the Glamox Group behind them.”

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