Colours that will make your head spin – are you up for the challenge?

An award-winning project, in which the eye-catching PEACOCK ceiling lights translate the dynamic of a spinning casino roulette wheel into light and movement. A fascinating installation that enthralls and creates a magical atmosphere.

Novomatic is one of the largest slot machine manufacturers in the world and the owner of a prestigious casino chain. One of their recent investments was completed in the centre of Zagreb, where an old shopping pavilion was transformed into a modern casino. The investor chose to preserve the modernist shape of the building by only refreshing its façade. The focus was placed on completely remodelling the interiors. Gambling tables, croupiers’ desks and gaming machines were distributed on two floors connected by a majestic staircase.

One of the factors that contributed to the success of this endeavour was our rapid response to the customer’s challenging inquiry. Especially for the Grand Casino Admiral in Zagreb, we designed, developed and manufactured special ceiling luminaires called PEACOCK, which are characterised not only by their unique appearance that is reminiscent of a peacock feather; above all, what makes them stand out is the multi-coloured, dynamic light movement that they generate. The luminaires are arranged radially around the chandelier, allowing for the creation of many different light scenes, including an illusion of a spinning casino roulette. This solution gained the appreciation of the jury of the German Design Awards and allowed us to win in the indoor lighting category.

An impressive solution was also put in place between the two floors of the casino that are connected with an ornamental staircase. RGB luminaires were used to illuminate each step individually. This makes it possible to create the effect of smoothly changing light from the bottom to the top, which acts as an invitation for the guests to come upstairs. The entire project was complemented by the hotel’s interior design, where safety and functionality had to visually harmonise with the casino’s character. The lighting systems were installed in the corridors as well as the hotel rooms and restrooms. The lighting control in the corridors uses energy-saving motion sensors.

We wanted the suggested solution to be innovative, but it also had to influence the visitors’ moods in a positive way and most of all – it had to be memorable. The lighting control system makes it possible to adjust the lighting to any given occasion, creating the perfect atmosphere.


This project was done by ES-SYSTEM, a Glamox Group company in Poland.

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