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Explore our latest product releases

This autumn Glamox has launched a wide selection of products for many different applications. Ranging from elegant architectural pendants to robust industrial luminaires, discover our newest additions to our extensive product selection.

C94-P: Unique and intriguing

Glamox C94-P is a pendant lighting solution with an impressive luminous efficacy that’s cleverly combined with multi-layer microprismatic optics for highly effective glare control. The perfectly uniform illumination of the edge-lit diffuser completes this elite optical solution, creating a high-end product that fulfils the expectations of even the most demanding lighting users.

MIR G2 – Robust longevity

MIR G2 is a high-quality industrial luminaire suitable for use in a large temperature range. Several installation options, minimised maintenance, and excellent energy savings are just some of this product’s many benefits. Most variants can be delivered with emergency lighting systems with an internal battery or an external battery box.

Motus is movement

Motus is a family of Luxo luminaires with unique design features and excellent light output. The collection includes task lights, wall-mounted and freestanding variants, as well as the newly introduced linear pendant luminaire Motus Line.

Nordic Collection – decorative pendants inspired by Nordic nature

Our award winning family of decorative pendants, Luxo Nordic Collection, is expanded with three new members:

LUN – Capturing the Scandinavian light

LUN lets you linger in the slow Scandinavian twilight. This pendant luminaire takes the form of a sphere that radiates a soft and diffused light, creating a calm atmosphere of comfort. LUN is designed to recreate the delicate Nordic light. It’s available in three different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any interior.

ALP – Untamed elegance

Indulge in the beauty of ALP’s elegant form and sleek lines, reminiscent of majestic peaks and the grand Nordic landscape. ALP introduces a contemporary aesthetic with its powder-coated steel shade. It’s an excellent fit for social areas and public spaces, effortlessly creating a captivating ambience, which can be further elevated by combining the various available sizes and colours of this product.

FRÖ – The core

FRÖ is the core of all pendants in the Nordic Collection. Its design includes clean lines and satin-smooth finishes, with three available variations that offer numerous opportunities for imaginative lighting setups.

C77: Comfortable light

The Glamox C77 is a series of luminaires that has been redesigned in a sustainable way, using less materials. Its clean-cut, modern design is a great choice for modern spaces such as offices, school classrooms, corridors, and workspaces.