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D50 – The easy choice

D50 is a downlight that’s easy to choose for your project. Thanks to various available mounting variants – recessed, pendant and surface-mounted – the luminaire can easily be adapted to any interior. It's a great choice for general and accent lighting, but also a reliable emergency luminaire. Moreover, the 93° wide light distribution variant (available in the 175 version) is perfect for lighting passageways or social rooms.

Easy-to-use mounting springs, two sizes, an HF or DALI driver and different lumen out values make D50 the easy choice for any project. The die-cast aluminium body and high quality LED light sources ensure a long lifetime and great energy efficiency.


Fits all the most popular ceilings

The D50’s construction with a height of only 91 mm saves space in the ceiling void, which allows for effortless assembly in most of the commonly used ceiling systems.

Canos175_G2_ceiling_1.6 cm.png


Excellent for refurbishment projects

175 and 210 mm are the standard cut-out dimensions for old fluorescent downlights, which makes them perfect for a one-to-one replacement when refurbishing an existing installation.


Savings for you…and the environment

By choosing D50 with DALI lighting controls, you gain complete control over your lighting installation. You can easily create ready-made lighting scene schedules, or you can use sensors to adapt the lighting to the number of people in a specific room and to their ongoing needs. This way, you’re reducing electricity consumption, saving money and diminishing your carbon footprint.

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