Glamox Wireless Zigbee

Our wireless solution that communicates via a standard Zigbee protocol.

Wireless Zigbee is based on a 2.4 GHz mesh wireless network. Luminaires communicate with each other via Zigbee – the most developed wireless communication protocol on the market. The system enables all basic functionalities such as motion detection and daylight control.

The greatest advantage of this system is its simplicity. Multifunctional and easy to integrate sensors allows you to create the perfect control system and significantly reduce the number of used devices. Commissioning and configuration are really easy. The mobile app guides you through the whole process step by step. There is also a user-friendly “wUser” app which gives your client an access to the basic luminaire control. This makes Wireless Zigbee very well suited for applications like offices, educational buildings and health care institutions.

The system is scalable. The entry level works as a stand-alone system. If you need more, connect with a cloud-based light management system Glamox Connect using the access point.


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Easy commissioning and user apps
The commissioning is done by using an app to group and set the parameters. The identification is ingeniously solved by using a torch to light up the sensor.


The app automatically finds the different MAC address and the process of commissioning the room can start.

Connect the luminaires
Connect to one of the MAC addresses and identify which one it is.

Commissioning app
Group the products and set parameters

User app
Connect to your room and adjust your light level or find a preset scene for the room.

Other systems and products

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Ethernet2Dali (E2D)

Create advanced LMS designs, and custom user interfaces. E2D is a cabled LMS solution based on our own DALI-2 application controller named Vertex.

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Glamox Connect

Manage your light installation with access to valuable data visualised in a user-friendly dashboard solution. With actionable insights you can achieve significant savings.

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Glamox Wireless Radio

Easy to use wireless LMS solution designed for central monitoring. A smart and easy way to connect the complete light installation.

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Glamox DALI Complete

A well-proven cabled solution with DALI components for connecting single and multiple rooms. Adding Glamox Connect provide complete control of your light installation.

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Smart luminaires

A large selection of smart luminaires fitted with integrated sensors for wireless or wired communication and control.

The light management system you need

With today’s technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult to find the right solution. That’s why we created an easy way to find and select the right system for your project.



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