A sophisticated system enabling advanced designs

Ethernet2Dali (E2D) allows you to plan the light management system that not only meets today’s requirements but can also accommodate future upgrades and expansion. Years of experience delivering lighting solutions for office, school and healthcare facilities has gone into developing E2D, and the system has become one of our most advanced wired solutions.

Vertex - the brain of E2D

The E2D system is based on Vertex, a DALI-2 application controller developed by the Glamox Group. The Vertex Application Controller (ApC) is the brain of the E2D system and allows you to commission and monitor the light management system from one single point.

System flexibility

The logic module platform is based on an open source environment which makes this an extremely versatile system. With three DALI ports, one controller let you connect up to 192 luminaires. However, by using standard network switches you can connect more ApCs to build a large and flexible DALI based system. Because Ethernet2Dali uses the latest version of the DALI-2 standard, this system is also far more comprehensive in terms of both maintenance and use.

The flexibility of Ethernet2Dali makes it easy to expand your light management system, from a local installation, to a cloud-based solution. This is a great advantage if you operate in multiple locations or support clients who do. A unique benefit is that you can apply Vertex ApC both as a local area controller and as a part of our cloud-based solution, Glamox Connect.

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Devices are automatically
added to the system

Connect multiple Vertex controllers
by using an Ethernet switch

Add a wireless router for
wireless control and monitoring

Local area

A user interface
for all system platforms

Allows grouping
across DALI buses

Get cloud based monitoring with Glamox Connect
by connecting to an access point

Other systems and products

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Glamox Connect

Manage your light installation with access to valuable data visualised in a user-friendly dashboard solution. With actionable insights you can achieve significant savings.

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Glamox Wireless Radio

Easy to use wireless LMS solution designed for central monitoring. A smart and easy way to connect the complete light installation.

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Glamox Wireless Zigbee

Our wireless solution for single and multiple rooms based on Zigbee 3.0 protocol. Together with Glamox Connect you will get complete control of your light installation.

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Glamox DALI Complete

A well-proven cabled solution with DALI components for connecting single and multiple rooms. Adding Glamox Connect provide complete control of your light installation.

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Smart luminaires

A large selection of smart luminaires fitted with integrated sensors for wireless or wired communication and control.

The light management system you need

With today’s technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult to find the right solution. That’s why we created an easy way to find and select the right system for your project.



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