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Welcome to this year's brightest event! 


Human Centric Lighting Europe Tour

Most of us spend as much as 90% of our everyday life indoors. Some even more. 

All humans are dependent on light sources other than the sun. This is where human-centric lighting plays an important role.

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We are ecstatic to introduce the internationally renowned lighting expert Dr Shelley James – TEDx speaker and WELL Advisor. Dr James is a specialist on the effect of lighting, and how it can enhance your performance and well-being. 


Accompany Dr Shelley James and the Glamox team at what could be this year’s most illuminating event. Become educated on the importance of light, and how human-centric lighting can help us take care of our health and control our circadian rhythm.


We are coming to 10 different cities in Europe, with our educational event to enlighten you on Human Centric Lighting. Don’t miss out!


The tour kicks off in Tallinn, Estonia on 3 May and will travel through several European cities.

As seats are limited, we encourage you to reserve your spot today. Click your preferred location to sign up and read more information on the event!


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03.05.23 Tallinn, Estonia

09.05.23 Oslo, Norway

23.05.23 London, UK

30.05.23 Kriens, Switzerland

31.05.23 Helsinki, Finland

02.06.23 Rotterdam, Netherlands

15.06.23 Copenhagen, Denmark

26.10.23, Dortmund, Germany

07.11.23 Stockholm, Sweden / Signup coming soon!

08.11.23 Gothenborg, Sweden / Signup coming soon!