Light up people and society

We work every day to light up people and society – through our solutions and by providing an attractive and safe workplace.

Supported by responsible procurement and supply chain practices, Glamox will be a role model for responsible leadership by delivering on governance and business ethics. Our journey towards meeting our sustainability goals will be transparent and easy to follow. We will communicate openly on our sustainability efforts, progress and results along the way.


For a brighter tomorrow

Our products light the way for people in their everyday life, and our solutions contribute to a brighter future for people and society.

To be an enabler for sustainability, we participate in active dialogue with our stakeholders and we collaborate with others to deliver impact beyond our business operations. To increase the available knowledge about light and its impact on well-being we contribute to research projects with academic partners such as the University in Bergen and International Commission on Illumination.


We communicate our expectations for respect for human rights, decent working conditions and ethical business conduct to our suppliers, and qualify and monitor progress through digital tools.


Bright minds in a great workplace

Being an attractive workplace is a key part of our strategy. We truly believe that engaged employees deliver better results, and that being a great workplace for all who work for us is an important contribution to a brighter tomorrow. Feeling welcome, safe and respected at work is the right of every employee.


Ethical business conduct has always been an important part of the Glamox culture. Our values Committed, Connected, Competent and Responsible guides us in our daily work.  


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Our employees are proud of working for Glamox and in our global employee engagement survey in 2021


  • 80 % say Glamox is a great place to work
  • 88 % say they have interesting and challenging tasks
  • 86 % says that working here makes them want to do the best work they can

Glamox has a zero incident philosophy. We are working systematically and targeted to ensure that our employees feel protected and safe in the workplace. When adding new companies to the group we prioritise swift action to bring Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures up to Glamox standards.


Doing business with integrity – highlighting responsible business practices

We work hard to implement our sustainability strategy, and we want to make visible results. That is why we work across our entire organization to provide employees with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver on our ambitious goals.

We are committed to take ethics into account in everything we do, to build good governance and to deliver on external benchmarks for sustainability. Glamox wants to contribute to sustainable development in the countries we operate and to be a good corporate citizen. Therefore, we comply with international laws, declarations and principles everywhere we operate. We have a zero tolerance for corruption, and we respect human rights, including the rights of children, in every aspect of our business. We will report on progress annually and we actively communicate on our progress, the challenges ahead and what it takes to get there.