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Description Glamox C90-S is a surface mounted luminaire for customers with high standards. This is a high-quality product both when it comes to functionality and performance. With its bold aluminium frame and fully illuminated surface it also has an attractive, contemporary look. But more importantly it has the best light quality we can offer. After all, a good luminaire is not only a pretty object in itself it also makes its surrounding look great by showing it off in the best possible light. A versatile product A surface mounted luminaire has the advantage that it can be easily mounted in almost any kind of ceiling. It is also ideal when you don’t have the ceiling height required for a pendant. To add to the versatility C90-S is available in two different colours and four different diameters. By combining the different sizes it’s easy to create exciting lighting layouts. Complete product family C90-S can of course also be combined with recessed or pendent mounted products in the C90 family. This way it’s possible to stick with the same product family for a complete project to create a harmonious design with high quality products throughout.  The star of the show or a good support Some luminaires are made to blend in and some are made to stand out. Glamox C90-S can do both. Choose the largest version of the C90-S for an assembly room or a conference hall and it will be the star of the show. Choose smaller versions and you have luminaires that will add subtle elegance to any office landscape, social zone or meeting room. Uniform light C90-S is part of the C90 family, a product family characterised by high light quality and versatility. The C90 family has earned the slogan premium luminous surface, due to the fact that it’s backlit with state of the art LED light sources. With the C90-P and -S we have taken this a step further and designed our own LED modules to get the most uniform light possible. Wide range of options C90-S is available in four different diameters, ø 420 mm, ø 570 mm, ø 870 mm and ø 1170 mm, with light output ranging from 1400 to 24 000 lumens, plenty enough to accommodate high ceilings. The luminaire is available with opal optics for soft, diffused light. For areas with work stations it can be beneficial to use microprismatic optics that will reduce the glare to a minimum.  Light management and Human Centric Lighting C90-S is available with DALI dimming and is compatible with all Glamox Light Management Systems. The luminaire can also be supplied with tuneable white technology, which means that it can be used in a Human Centric Lighting solution.

Technical specifications

  • Emergency system

    1. Standard (S), Selftest (ST) or DALI. 1h or 3h.
  • Sensors

    1. This product is available with integrated PIR sensor type SPR-SEN with relay based ON/OFF switch or a PIR sensor wired for Corridor function type SPC-SEN. It is also available with a combined PIR and Constant Light sensor with integrated DALI Power supply type MPP-SEN or a slave PIR version type MPS-SEN. For more information see user manual for the respective sensor under “Download”.
  • Driver

    1. Electronic ballast (HF) or DALI. Driver lifetime up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C.
  • Optic

    1. Opal (OP) or microprismatic (MP). MP only available on 420, 570 and 870 version.
  • Body material and colour

    1. Aluminium body, powder coated in white or grey structure.
  • Light Source

    1. LED 1400 - 24 000 lumen out Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3Tuneable white (CCT)
  • Connection

    1. Terminal block in ceiling bracket with quick connector to main body.
  • Mounting

    1. Delivered with ceiling bracket for surface mounting.
  • Certificate

    1. Possibility of delivering an Environmental product declaration (EPD)




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