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The original ideas lamp​ Sleek and elegant, purposeful and pliable, the L-1 task light design is contained within itself. Nothing to add, nothing to subtract. It’s so simple, it’s almost obvious. But then again, great ideas always are. A great idea always seems self-explanatory when you see it for the first time. It's as if some sort of truth has been hidden, just waiting to be brought out into the light - such as recognizing how a jointed construction, resembling the human upper and lower arm, is a desirable model of functionality in a task light. Seeing its potential and bringing it to life with a few bolts, some nuts and springs as “muscles”. Which, of course, brings us the L-1 task light. With more than 25 million task lights sold globally, the L-1 has probably seen more bright ideas come to light than any other task light in the world. Cherished by creatives, students, engineers and design savvy households alike, it has been illuminating their thoughts and ideas for more than 80 years.

Technical specifications

  • Timer

    1. L-1 LED has a timer. The light will automatically shut off after 4 or 9h in order to save energy.
  • Electrical specification

    1. Plug-in20V power supply for LED version.
  • Body material and colour

    1. Steel arm and aluminium shade. Colours: white, black or aluminium grey. L-1 LED Wall is only available in white or black
  • Optic

    1. Symmetric light output. Inner shade painted white for maximum efficiency. L-1 LED has a opalic diffuser for a softer light and to avoid glare.
  • Light Source

    1. Supplied with 1 x TC-HSE 11 W. L-1 is certified for maximum 20W CFL. LED 700 lumen out. Correlated colour temperature (CCT) is 3000 K, Colour rendition index (CRI) is 90.
  • Mounting

    1. Standard with table clamp (A-clamp). Table base and integrated table mounts (TT table mount and TE bushing) are available on request. L-1 LED Wall is delivered with standard wall bracket (WBR).
  • Arm technology and movement

    1. Parallel, spring-balanced, three-pivot arm. Arm length is 100 cm. Up-and-down and rotational head movement. NB! Allowing for upward head tilt creates more flexibility but may cause unwanted glare. L-1 LED Wall has a 20cm short arm.




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