Planning a light management system that will still fit the bill five years from now can be quite challenging, especially if you operate in multiple locations or support clients who do.

With Ethernet2Dali (E2D) you can easily expand the scope of your lighting controls system from a local installation to a cloud-based solution. E2D is developed inhouse and is based on our extensive experience of how office, school and healthcare buildings are being used with regards to lighting. Flexibility and user friendliness were key objectives for the design of the system.

Vertex Application Controller

The Vertex Application Controller (ApC) is the E2D system’s brain, an application controller that allows the user to commission and monitor the system from one single point. A unique benefit of Vertex ApC is that it can be applied both as a local area controller and as a part of our cloud-based solution, Glamox Connect. The
ApC has a logical module, and a timer to help generate daily schedules. Vertex ApC processes information from any source, make decisions and then sends the relevant command to the luminaire. With three DALI ports, the controller enables you to connect up to 192 luminaires. You can also connect several ApCs to build a large and flexible DALI based system.


Why Ethernet2Dali?


Our Vertex ApC uses the latest version of the DALI2 standard, which includes a wealth of information that is useful to run a lighting installation. This makes our E2D system far more comprehensive in terms of maintenance and operating techniques.


With a user interface that is among the simplest and most intuitive on the market, it is a pleasure to provide training on Vertex ApC. Setup, identification, division in groups and finally parameter setting, are all done in a logical order.


Since Vertex ApC is only using standard DALI2 language on the product side, everyone can connect making the system more versatile. We have based our logical platform on an open source module that makes the whole system extremely versatile.


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Devices are automatically
added to the system

Connect multiple Vertex controllers
by using an Ethernet switch

Add a wireless router for
wireless control and monitoring

Local area

A user interface
for all system platforms

Allows grouping
across DALI buses

Get cloud based monitoring with Glamox Connect
by connecting to an access point

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