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With Glamox DALI we offer you a safe and well-proven solution. The system consists of DALI components that are thoroughly tested both individually and combined as a system.

A worldwide standard in lighting control DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a trademark for a digital, network based system for light control. The underlying technology was established by a consortium of lighting equipment manufacturers in 1997 – 98 as an open standard. The technical standard is IEC 62386. 

General technical system data

• Up to 64 addresses, 16 groups and 16 scenes
• Up to 250 mA on the BUS
• Up to 300 meter standard installation cable or maximum 2 volt
signal drop on the cable


A dynamic standard

The DALI standard and protocol has been expanded several times when new devices have been included as new part numbers in the standard. Each new device has also been given a new device type number (DTx). Important updates include: Emergency light (part 202; DT1), LED drivers (Part 207; DT6) and Color/Tuneable white control (Part 209; DT8)

The next generation

DALI version 2 is a new step in the development of the standard. In the new version, control and input devices will be included. DALI-2 also adds a lot of new functionality to existing devices. As opposed to DALI version 1, DALI-2 involves independent verification of test results, not only a self-declaration.

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Other systems and products

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Ethernet2Dali (E2D)

Create advanced LMS designs, and custom user interfaces. E2D is a cabled LMS solution based on our own DALI-2 application controller named Vertex.

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Glamox Connect

Manage your light installation with access to valuable data visualised in a user-friendly dashboard solution. With actionable insights you can achieve significant savings.

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Glamox Wireless Radio

Easy to use wireless LMS solution designed for central monitoring. A smart and easy way to connect the complete light installation.

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Glamox Wireless Zigbee

Our wireless solution for single and multiple rooms based on Zigbee 3.0 protocol. Together with Glamox Connect you will get complete control of your light installation.

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Smart luminaires

A large selection of smart luminaires fitted with integrated sensors for wireless or wired communication and control.

The light management system you need

With today’s technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult to find the right solution. That’s why we created an easy way to find and select the right system for your project.



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