Vibration testing

Many luminaires need to be tested for resistance to vibration. We have equipment to do pre-qualifying tests for vibration. Within the scope of vibration testing, three different types of tests are performed: Sinusodial vibration, various shock tests and random testing.

A slip table with an oil film is used to test products from impact with sinus, random and shock impulses. Acceleration sensors are used to investigate the behaviour of the test subject under the influence of vibration loading. Using the slip table, acceleration values of up to 15 G can be achieved. Without the slip table, values of up to 50 G can be reached.

Vibration testing with a stroboscope
As each specimen has to be tested in three axes (X, Y, Z) very specific resonance frequencies have to be determined. In each of these, long-term testing has to be performed, and the behaviour of the specimen has to be observed using a stroboscope.

With the aid of a stroboscope it is possible to observe the specific movements of the specimen in its resonance.