Salt mist spray test

The salt mist spray test is a standardized test method used to check corrosion resistance of coated samples. The test produces a corrosive attack to the coated samples in order to predict the coating's suitability in use as a protective finish.

Salt spray testing is very important for assessing the suitability of products intended for outdoor use or for use in cold or wet environments. Unacceptable products corrode within a short time under the influence of the saline air.

Standardized salt spray chamber
Equipment for salt mist testing are standardized under national and international regulations. These standards describe the necessary information needed to carry out the tests; determining testing parameters such as the size of the chamber, temperature, air pressure of the sprayed solution, preparation of the spraying solution, concentration, pH, etc.

In our salt spray chamber with a volume of 1000 liters we are able to simulate the effect of saline air on our luminaires, speeded up in time. The appearance of corrosion products (oxides) is evaluated after a period of time. Test duration depends on the corrosion resistance of the coating; the more corrosion resistant the coating is, the longer the period in testing without showing signs of corrosion.